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The Sophisticated Biker

Premier AI-Digital Motorcycle Media and Social Community Platform.

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First and Only AI-Driven Interactive Motorcycle Media Platform.

Innovative Attention Demanding Advertising Model Sets a New Standard in Digital Print Media.

No Direct Competitors - Pioneering a Niche Market Collaboration.

Projected 1st Year Sales Revenue: $2.1 Million - Join Our Success Story.

Current Issue

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ChatGPT-4 Integration Averaging 25-35 Minute Online Session Times.

3 Combined Brands Forging Inroads into Untapped Markets.

Global Expansion Plans - Becoming the Go-To Resource for Motorcycle Enthusiasts Worldwide.

Agency Experts tell us Our Brand is "Redefining the Business Model of an Entire Media Industry.

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Meet the Crew

Sean Hall

 Sean "Tabasco" Hall (Founder and IT Executive): With 30+ years in IT PMO leadership and deep roots in the motorcycle industry and lifestyle, Sean brings a unique blend of technical expertise and motorcycle culture knowledge. He is a retired leader of two international Motorcycle Clubs having spent 20 years of service. His vision and leadership are foundational to The Sophisticated Biker. He is the Founder and President.

Dave Naylor

 David "Train" Naylor (Marketing Executive and US Veteran): David's experience as a business owner and marketing executive, coupled with his military service and club life experience, make him a key asset in producing and co-editing the magazine. He is also a former leader of two large international Motorcycle Clubs, having spent over 40 years of service.

Joey Bruno

  Ron "Lightning" Hall (National Sales Director): Ron's legacy in motorcycle club leadership and his influence on his son Sean, the founder, provide a deep connection to the motorcycle community. His role as National Sales Director leverages his extensive network and sales experience spanning 55 years. He is retired from the Insurance industry where he served as an Independent Agent, and a Regional Sales Manager. 

 Joey "Trigger" Bruno (Engineering and IT Specialist): Holding several advanced degrees in Engineering and IT, and with a background in owning motorcycle shops, Joey's extensive knowledge of Harley & Indian models enriches the magazine's content, particularly through Trigger Tech Tips. He is also a retired MC leader.

Ron Hall

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The Sophisticated Biker Inc Business Plan

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