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Greetings My Friends,

Again, a big thank you to all for your support over the past 12 months. It has been 100 times harder than I ever thought it would be. I don't think that I've worked less than 100 hours and seven days a week in the past 12 to 14 months. It has been as rewarding as it has been difficult. The user analytics for our concept have been astounding, yet the reception from the motorcycle business community has not been overwhelming.


I'm actually kind of surprised being that we are the only social media websites specifically for the motorcycle community and a advertising and marketing agency for our own brand, and other national brands. Yet the reception from the regional or local motorcycle niche business community has literally been nonexistent. That really surprised me.

I knew that we would not be the most expensive media marketing agency in the global, national, regional, and local markets, but generally one would assume when the economy isn't great there are budget cuts and some companies would be stepping down their expenses, which would we would be a valuable resource, and of course we are priced at local market but offer regional and national reach. We spent the first year building user analytics to establish a market value for advertising, but times are very tough with this economy. So we will just keep on doing our thing and hope that the economy eventually breaks loose and the motorcycle business community recognizes us as a valuable asset.

I decided to Co-brand with Twisted Wind Biker Magazine as they are in line with our edgier side, but of course if we do not remain Sophisticated Bikers, then some may just consider us a pack of dirty old biker trash.

You will notice a few changes as we move forward, one being that for I no longer plan to produce a flip book style of magazine, instead opting for the website Format. We are in the process of building an entirely new site to which we will migrate to hopefully in the next month. I maintain my commitment to offer this service of this magazine free to the user at least at the basic level. You may notice there are some features that will not be reproduced on the new website and that is simply an economic decision since we have not yet reached the revenue required to pay for those services. I sincerely hope to bring them back if we can acquire the revenue for us to pay for them, or we offered a tiered subscription whereas we offer those services and receive some level of subscription fee to pay for them.

But rest assured I believe that we offer an excellent product, with great diverse content, unlike any other. And I'm not throwing out all of the Harry Potter stuff that I dreamed of before launching the brand. 

Should you have the need for advertising please consider supporting us, as we wish only to support and serve the best community in the world, the biker community.

As always, keep it real!

Tabasco & Crew

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