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Leslie Prevish Rowe: Marketing Meets Motorcycling

Updated: May 2

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Leslie The Premier Marketeer

Leslie Prevish Rowe where marketing meets motorcycling and has uniquely combined her marketing acumen with her passion for motorcycle adventuring. Her tenure at Harley-Davidson was marked by targeted campaigns to engage women riders, reflecting her belief in the power of niche marketing and community engagement—principles she now applies at Prevish Marketing. Leslie (Prevish) Rowe knows branding, strategy and outreach marketing. She spent 15 years with Harley-Davidson Motor Company© and created their marketing to women role. Her team increased sales to women by $7 million. She worked closely with the Harley-Davidson Directors of Young Adult, Hispanic and African American outreach to share research and integrate plans. Leslie then worked at Trek Bicycles©, increasing sales and optimizing marketing strategies. Now, she helps companies attract new audiences and garner national PR.


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Adventures as Insights

Leslie's motorcycle exploits include extensive tours across the United States, where she gathers insights into consumer behavior and trends, directly feeding into her marketing strategies. Her journeys on diverse terrains from bustling cities to serene countryside's offer her a firsthand understanding of different market demographics and customer needs, much like the varied audiences she addresses in her business.


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Strategic Leadership and Personal Passion

At Prevish Marketing, Leslie leverages her experiences from the road to develop personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with specific rider communities, much like she segments and targets specific consumer bases in her business. Her skill in navigating both the literal and metaphorical landscapes of her interests showcases her holistic approach to leadership and strategy.


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The Multi-Faceted Faces of Leslie

Leslie takes the meaning of “Go the Extra Mile” literally, as has been known to put her personal and business life on hold for others through volunteer efforts. Leslie and her husband Norm went the African country of Tanzania where Leslie taught English in a primary school for the locals. She then decided to climb the 19,344 ft. Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity. Leslie raised money for (MAD) Make a Difference Now, a non-profit orphanage supporting kids. She also raised money by corporate donations including one made by Women Riders Now (WRN) with the proceeds going to build a youth center.

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