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Premier Digital Media Advertising & Marketing Agency serving a niche audience. Our distinctive consumer outreach consists of the only AI embedded, collaborative, online social community currently in existence, and monthly digital e-magazine serving the interests of motorcycle owners, enthusiasts, and businesses, redefining the standard in the Global Marketplace.

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We don't just sell  Ad Space and hope for the best. 

We are a Digital Marketing Partner to your Brand.

We will Direct Market your Products and/or Services utilizing our almost 8 Million Consumer Outreach via Social Marketing and put your Brand at the forefront of their purchasing decisons!

Digital Platform

The Sophisticated Biker Inc. is a uniquely modern brand having created the first and foremost innovative digital and social media platform that seamlessly blends motorcycle culture, lifestyle, and interactive media.


  • By assembling emerging technologies such as embedded ChatGTP-4, layered Cinemograph artwork, and interactive features, our unique mix of specialized content and dynamic solutions positions us as a premier partner for brands looking to connect with a passionate consumer audience. 

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Unique advertising products that stand out from the status quo.

Interact on a daily basis with potential new clients.

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Challenge #1; 

Authenticity and Credibility:

Brands struggle to genuinely resonate with motorcycle enthusiasts.


Solution: Our content diversity, featuring genuine community voices, establishes authentic connections and credibility.

Challenge #2


The market is crowded, making brand distinction difficult.


Solution: Our unique brand and interactive product engagement set us apart in our niche.

Challenge #3

Digital Transformation:

Traditional businesses face challenges adapting to the increasing digital demand.


Solution: We fully embrace digital trends with our flipbook magazine and community-style website.

Challenge #4

Changing Demographics:

The evolving motorcycle community now includes diverse riders, posing a challenge for brands.


Solution: Our content addresses a broad demographic range, from older motorcyclists to modern club members.

Challenge #5

Connecting Online and Offline:

Brands find it challenging to offer a cohesive experience spanning online and offline realms.


Solution: Our digital content seamlessly integrates the experiences of motorcycle enthusiasts in both realms.

Challenge #6

Data Utilization:

Brands are uncertain on effectively using available data for marketing.


Solution: We utilize analytics to monitor engagement and refine our strategy.

Challenge #7

Adapting to New Technologies:

Emerging technologies like AR, VR, and AI present a learning curve for brands


Solution: Incorporating ChatGPT-4 into our platform demonstrates our tech-forward approach.

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digital advertising

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At the Sophisticated Biker, we recognize the challenges many businesses face marketing their brands to a modern riding society. We have answered those challenges with fresh state-of-the-art solutions.


Service Annual Survey Shows Continuing Decline in Print Publishing Revenue June 07, 2022 Written hy: Adam Grundy Many Americans may not remember the last time they stopped by a newsstand to pick up a magazine or newspaper. Or the last time they passed by - let alone walked into a video store. The rise of digital media and technology has transformed the way we access our news and entertainment. It's also had a devastating impact on print publishing industries. The rise of digital media and technology has transformed the way we access our news and entertainment. The U.S. Census Bureau's Service Annual Survey (SAS) provides a unique look at the financial hit these industries took between 2002 and 2020: • Estimated Newspaper Publishers revenue dropped by 52.0%. • Estimated revenue for Periodical Publishing, which includes magazines, fell by 40.5%. • Estimated Video Tape and Disc Rental revenue decreased by 88.5%. Table 1. Decline of U.S. Physical Media by Estimated Revenue for Employer Firms: 2002-2020 (In millions of dollars) NAICS industry' Newspaper Publishers.. Periodical Publishing. Directory and Mailing List Publishing Video Tape and Disc Rental... 2002 46,179 40,181 16,920 9,364 2010 33,360 31,876 11,987 6,056 2020 22,149 23,919 4,409 1,077

From Print to Digital There was a pronounced shift from print to digital media in the first two decades of this century. Total estimated weekday circulation of U.S. daily newspapers was 55.8 million in 2000 and dropped to 24.2 million by 2020, according to Editor & Publisher and the Pew Research Center. As circulation slid so did revenue: Newspaper Publishers revenue in 2020 was less than half what it was in 2002, dropping from $46.2 billion to $22.1 billion, according to the SAS. There was a 27.8% decrease in revenue from 2002 to 2010, and a 33.6% decrease from 2010 to 2020. Periodical Publishing, which includes medical and scientific journals, religious and scholastic magazines, and other specialty publications, took a similar hit. Estimated revenue from Periodical Publishing dropped from $40.2 billion in 2002 to $23.9 billion in 2020. There was a 20.7% revenue decline from 2002 to 2010, and a 25.0% decrease from 2010 to 2020. In 2020, Video Tape and Disc Rental revenue was $1.1 billion, about one-ninth of what it was in 2002 ($9.4 billion). There was a 35.3% revenue drop from 2002 to 2010 and an 82.2% decrease from 2010 to 2020. Video/Disc Rental stores began to close in waves. For example, in 2021 one of the major brick and mortar video rental companies only had one remaining store left in Bend, Oregon. Adam Grundy is a supervisory statistician in the Census Bureau's Economic Management Division.

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digital advertising
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